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We don't sell tires, we don't sell lumber, we won't fix your muffler. Car, motorcycle and other vehicle keys are all we do. With years of experience, we can guarantee you quality services with competitive pricing. 


- Car key duplication

- Car key programming

- Lost car key replacement

- Laser key cutting

- Motorcycle key cutting

- Motorcycle key programming

- Lost motorcycle key replacement
- Laser cut motorcycle key cutting

- BRP DESS key programming

- Lock repair and replacement

- Ignition repair and replacement 

- Broken key repair

- Battery replacement


Proudly providing car and motorcycle key services for London, Ontario and surrounding areas!

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What is a Transponder or 'Chip' Key? 

Simply put, transponder or 'chip' keys have a small transmitter inside of them. A device near the ignition switch of the vehicle has the receiver. The key transmits a low-level signal that the vehicle can detect only when the key is in the switch.
I'm the only one who drives my car, do I really need a spare?
Even if you're the only driver of your car, losing the only key to your car will leave you stranded and potentially ruin your day - a spare key is always cheaper than a lost one!
I've lost my motorcycle keys, do the locks need to be replaced?
Absolutely not - we decode the existing locks and make a key from scratch. Even if your motorcycle is equipped with an immobilizer, we will get you back on the road quickly and affordably.
Often times when transponder motorcycle keys are lost, the service provider quotes the cost of all the locks being replaced as well as the immobilizer itself. We program the replacement keys to the immobilizer, sparing you the cost of the several thousand dollar lock and module replacement services. 
Can you cut laser cut, high security style keys?
We cut ALL types of car keys - traditional, edge cut keys as well as high security, laser cut keys - whether they're duplicates or we're originating the keys, in the unfortunate event you've lost all your keys.
I bought a key online, can you cut and program it?
If we're not providing the key we can't speak for its functionality or quality;  we can and will attempt to cut and program it, but there are no guarantees with customer-provided, online-sourced products.
How long does it take to make keys for my car or motorcycle?
It all depends on the year/make/model, but in most cases, we will have you back on the road in under an hour.
Can you fix my bent or broken key?
In most cases, bent or broken keys need to be replaced. In some cases, however, we can repair them. By emailing us a picture of the key in question, along with the year/make/model, we can provide several options to choose from.